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The Beauty of Materialistic Slavery
The Beauty of Materialistic Slavery

Rhinoceros beetles, wood and acrylic paint on paper

73 x 93 x 8cm

Nicolaas Govaert – 2017
Born in Jette, Brussels in 1986.

Nicolaas Govaert’s fascination for nature started at an early age while joining his parents on their many journeys to Africa and Asia. After years of building up a scientific collection of insects and other natural treasures, he brought his passion first to the next level in 2011 in order to touch a broader audience for the many thrills in nature. “Showing nature’s beauty is a first and crucial step in order to preserve it for the future. What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.. Many species will vanish before they have even been scientifically described as a result of overexploitation, habitat destruction and global warming.

I feel a great need to continuously grow in my work and overcome myself. I try to pursue beauty in a conceptual strong way by creating compositions which are both a feast for the eyes and stimulating one’s mind. That’s why an idea needs to grow first in my mind and I will not start realizing it before having it over-thought multiple times.”

Nicolaas Govaert continues to live and work in Antwerp.

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