Cabinet de Curiosités

Cabinets of Curiosities, also referred to as Wunderkammers or -to make it sound even more flamboyant- Cabinets of Wonders, can be seen as collections of curious and wonderful objects that exhale the owner’s taste and culture. First apprearing in 16th Century Europe, Wunderkammers were definitely for the rich and famous. They showed priceless pieces of naturalia, art, archeology and other rarities to the happy few who were invited to see a collection this coveted, it got it’s own room. During the centuries Wunderkammers, usualy didn’t take up a whole room and the collections, although not less exclusive, became smaller and smaller and special cabinets, or drawers were made to accomodate the unique pieces. That’s why these sort of personal collections are referred to as cabinets, as well as kammers or rooms.
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Adviced reading: Cabinets of Wonders by Christine Davenne and Christine Fleurent, New York, 2012, ISBIN: 978-1-4197-0554-0